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Agile Edge Technologies Inc. Announces Partnership with Entre Health Systems

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., announces a partnership with Entra Health Systems for the distribution of its Myglucohealth™ blood glucose meter.  The meter, the first blood glucose meter to the market with Bluetooth communications and FDA approval, will increase the communications between the patient with diabetes and the patient’s health care giver.  Currently 1 in 6 dollars spent on health care in the US goes for the fight against the health hazards brought on by the effects of diabetes. 
Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., of McLean, VA provides the Agile Medical Suite (AMS) consisting of a medical server hub that collects patient’s medical data from remote monitoring devices (EKG, EEG, Blood Glucose, Physical Therapy, drug use monitoring, and others) at the hub until the health care providers are prepared to receive the data.  If the patient’s medical data transmission indicates that the patient has reached a dangerous medical indicator, the server will automatically call the health care provider and indicate the need for immediate assistance.  While the data is housed at the server hub, records can be analyzed anonymously to report trends by person, dates or people collectively within a geographical area, age group, gender, etc. while still maintaining HIPAA compliance.

The contract with Entra Health System (EHS) gives Agile Edge Technologies (AET) exclusive rights for the product within military and veteran health programs and other selected federal and commercial health and distribution channels.
Entra Health Systems of San Diego, CA is the provider of the only blood glucose meter that has a Bluetooth communication capability and has been awarded the FDA approval.

“The Myglucohealth™ meter gives Entra Health and Agile Edge Technologies a significant market entry advantage over all other companies with blood glucose meters”. Said CEO of Entra Health Systems, Richard Strobridge.

“This relationship gives AET a strategic marketing boost and propels its Agile Medical System (AMS) to the forefront of the fight against diabetes.” Said Bob Borsari, President and CEO of Agile Edge Technologies.

For further information about Agile Edge Technologies or the Myglucohealth™, please contact:

Media Contact:
D. Scott Williamson
Marketing Manager
Agile Edge Technologies, Inc.
1800 Tysons Boulevard
Suite 350
McLean, VA 22102
877-238-8128, Extension 708

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