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Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., announces a partnership with In Home Products of Dallas, TX

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., announces a partnership with In Home Products of Dallas, TX for the distribution of a physical therapy machine with a remote sensing monitor.  The machine, a first of its kind, will allow the elderly, disabled and those who are home-bound to receive remote supervision of their healing and strengthening routines while confined to a wheel chair. 

Agile Edge Technologies, Inc., of McLean, VA provides an Agile Medical Suite (AMS) consisting of a medical server hub that collects patient’s medical data from remote monitoring devices (EKG, EEG, Blood Glucose, Physical Therapy, drug use monitoring, and others) at the hub until the health care givers are prepared to receive the data.  If the patient’s medical data transmission indicates that the patient has reached a dangerous medical indicator, the server will automatically call the health care giver and ask for immediate assistance.  While the data is housed at the server hub, records can be analyzed to report trends by person, dates or people collectively within a geographical area, age group, gender, etc.  The Physical Therapy machine with remote sensing capabilities will connect patients with their health care givers from remote locations such as home, assisted living facilities, barracks, etc.  The PT Machine is constructed in such a way to allow ease of use from the patient’s wheel chair. 

In Home Products, of Dallas, TX is a major provider of health care products throughout the South and Southwest.  It will eventually release its intellectual property rights for the PT Machine to AET over a period of time based on market acceptance and performance guarantees.  According to Ron Schnier, President of In Home Products, “the PT Machine is available at one tenth of the price of a similar device in a physical therapy facility”.  He goes on to say, “the partnership with AET allows the PT Machine to reach the greatest number of potential users with the greatest needs including the elderly, people in remote locations, home bound, war fighters, etc”.  Bob Borsari, President and CEO of AET said, “the addition of the PT Machine will round out AET’s strategic plans to create a full service remote medical monitoring company”. 

Media Contact:
D. Scott Williamson
Marketing Manager
Agile Edge Technologies, Inc.
1800 Tysons Boulevard
Suite 350
McLean, VA 22102
877-238-8128, Extension 708

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